Friday, September 29, 2006

What a day sequel ...

Of course there was no drug abuse that evening - okay not a very excessive one! I don't want to talk about Greg's consumption of Vicodin...

To avoid any speculations, here the facts what happened next:

After having diner with my parents who went to bed extremly fast (they might have been tired), Greg and I just curled up. The fridge was filled with Guinness and we helped ourselves - Greg has noticed the piano in the meantime and wanted to play something on it. When he started playing the first tones I looked at him perplexed, held on to my pint and starred at him while he was playing the melody - what a wonderful piece of music ...

While sitting there on the sofa I noticed the starting relaxation. Greg stopped playing on the piano and looked around the living room, preparing to make himself comfortable. I sighed and told him that I rather would like to go upstairs, watching TV in bed. He gave me a smirk and accepted my proposal. So we went upstairs, not without taking some more beer with us.

When we reached the room Greg was rummaging in his suitcase, mumbling something like "Where is my pyjama?". I thought that this might be a good idea and just wanted to go in the small adjoining room to change my clothes as well when he turned around and smiled "Afraid that I might see through your shorts?" I blushed and shook my head "Don't be silly!" I respond and started to change my clothes. Greg also 'hoped' into his pyjama and said "You can leave off the top" I spun around my head, looking at him a bit bewildered "What? Why?!" He made a gesture with his fingers "Massageeee?" he asked me in a slightly amused manner.

I surely looked puzzled "Ehm...."
He smiled. "Fine, so if you don't want to have some - I am your vicitim..."
I swallowed "Yeah ...ok fine ...thanks", I respond in an absent-minded way and pointed at his pyjama "Is it a new one?"
Greg was nodding shortly "Yep. As the other one lost his bottoms in mysterious ways the last time you stayed with me - I had to buy a new one."
I looked on the floor, cleared my throat, decided to say nothing and then laid down. Gregory switched on the TV and zapped through the programs until he found the music channel with a Katie Melua concert "Perfect!"

He sat down on the bed and asked me "Okay, back or head?" I pointed at my back "My shoulder blades and my back hurt like hell" Greg started kneading my shoulders and casually mentioned my yesterday's blog entry "Tz tz, too bad with your date. Do you still think I wasn't ernest about it?"

I wasn't sure whether I should grunt angrily or give comforting sighs due to the massage so a weird sound slipped of my mouth "Of course I think you meant what you said. But your evening was apparently fine as well ..." I mumbled through gritted teeth.
"Weeeeell", he started "Allenby and you had something in common yesterday evening - you both weren't able to satisfy your dick!"
"Greg!!! You asshole! I didn't want to satisfy my dick - as you call it!" with these words I automatically tensed up.
"C'mon you will cock up my massage if you tense up" he replied. "But let me see, how could this idea arise: you are not satisfied in your marriage, not dating and there is that mysterious 'someone' ... No of course you really didn't want to have sex..." he said in his typical ironical voice.
"I really didn't want to have it!", I snarled. .
"Yeah of course", he answered in a girlish way and then stuck his thump hard in my tensed shoulder muscles "You just wanted to distract yourself from that 'someone' ..."
"Greg, stop peppering me with those questions", I responded nearly pleadingly - and I hated my for that sound.

"I don't do that. I only have mentioned that person ... casually. It might occur that you will mention the name of this person ..."
I gave a short humourless laugh "Whether you believe it or not I've mentioned the name quite often in your presence."
Greg sighed "This doesn't help me as long as I don't know which name you mean."
"Well, that name", I giggled. "And don't complain, I've read how wonderful your evening with Dr. Allenby was. Good tea, good food, nice talks and a gentle kiss on the lump you have on your forehead." This caused Greg to hit my head softly.
"Ouch! You know that my head aches!", I said disgustedly.
"Paaaaaah, headache...It can't hurt that much if it is still capable forming such sick sentences!"
"But it does! And the shoulder blade as well!", I muttered.
"Well, fine", I heared Greg suddenly saying with a softer voice "If you found it that funny what Allenby has done - please!"
With those words I suddenly felt one of his arms under my belly, and the other hand on my shoulder - I swallowed hard - what was that? Suddenly I felt his breath on my shoulder blade and a soft kiss. I could feel goose bumps running over my back and I heared myself gasping.
"That's what Allenby's mom does!", Greg said in a stiff tone.
"You are ... im-possible!" I said through gritted teeth.
"C'mon", he said and I could hear the grin on his face. "Turn around and I will ease the pain on your forehead. But before that I will get us some more beer!"
I remained lying on my stomach, controlling my breath and heared him say "Quick! Turn around."
"I won't turn around now!" I mumbled in the cushion - silence and then I could here him walking down the steps.

I thought about what just happened and could only shook my head in disbelief. Sometimes it is hard for me to understand his mood. He normally isn't that close guy, only sometimes when we are alone he was acting like that - making me feel like a fool.

So I finally turned around and sat on the bed, starring on the TV and think about our screwed-up friendship, that was when Greg came back with another pair of Guinness in his hand.
Greg hobbled to the night table, gave me my Guinness, placed his cane on the floor and sat down on the bed and made himself comfortable. I could only look at him, he really looked sweet in the new pyjama. He turned his head with an asking expression on his face but he didn't speak nor did I. The mere thing I could do was looking in his amazing blue eyes ... the exchange of glances lasted about some minutes - I only knew that it was for a complete Katie Melua song.

After the song ended, Greg blinked and said "You know Jim, I love to look in your eyes ... but where is the damn scotch? Or don't you have any?" I couldn't resist giving him an amused looked "You are really serious, aren't you?" "Of course, I am" he said and shrugged his shoulders.

I got up with a laugh, went to the bookshelf and opened the hidden 'bar' - with a single malt whiskey I turned around grinning "Is that also okay?" Greg swallowed dryly, starred me in the eyes „Aye!“

I thought "Why not?" ...and poured us two glasses, then returned to the bed.

Katie Melua was currently playing „Shy Boy“ – and I closed my eyes, enjoyed the taste of the whiskey on my tongue and thought about the fact that the massage was really awesome - as I suddenly noticed that my bedside became heavier and before I could open my eyes I felt Gregs lips on my forehead, kissing it softly.

I opened my eyes and found myself looking in searching blue ones "Asshole" I whispered. "Hey, I only wanted to take away your pain! That is what Allenby's mom always does - as you might remeber" he muttered with a devilish smile on his face. I jumped out of the bed "Damn, Greg, I don't kiss your leg either!" I was shouting.

„Why not?“ here asked me with an innocent smile. This made me speechless - and I could only stare at him with an open mouth. "Calm down Jim! I was only kidding! C'mon have another drink - and relax!" he said with his don't-act-so-silly tone.
„You can talk. It wasn't you being kissed!“ „I did not kiss you - and as you might remember Allenby gave me the same treatment. And I only say - ALLENBY!" with these words he looked at me with a bit pissed up expression on his face "This was now your punishment because you haven't accompanied me.“
I sighed, combed with my finger through my hair. "Here, your drink" Greg murmured and pointed at my glass.

"This was NOT funny, Greg!" I answered still a bit taken aback and took my glass, which I then emptied promptly. The only answer was a deep look and another filled glass.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Ups...hat dich das wirklich so geärgert?
Der Lagavulin ist übrigens einsame Spitze und dreissig Mal besser als jeder Scotch.
Wir sollten heute noch eine Flasche für den Abend holen - viel ist nicht mehr drin.

Und ich sehe, mein Schatz, du hast das mit den Links hinbekommen. Schön!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Ja ich hab dir über die Schulter geschaut ...

Aber ist das nicht krank? Wir sind im gleichen Haus (okay du duscht gerade) - aber theoretisch könnte ich mit dir auch reden.

Verrückt! Übrigens ist das eine gute Idee mit dem Lagavulin - zu mindest sind meine Kopfschmerzen weg.

Dr. Gregory House said...

Das liegt mit Sicherheit nicht am Single Malt!

Dr. James Wilson said...

vielleicht war es auch die Minzölbehandlung nach dem Single Malt die das verursacht hat ... Greg

Warte nur ab bis ich dich das nächste Mal abgefüllt habe

Dr. Gregory House said...

Ich dachte eher an was anderes als Minzöl. Ich sollte jetzt wirklich beleidigt sein.
Du willst mich abfüllen?
Etwa mit Single Malt? Ich frohlocke jetzt schon!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Meinst du etwa die Massage? Ja die war - schön - nur etwas kurz.

Oder meinst du was anderes? Scheiße ich hatte doch keinen Filmriß, oder?

Dr. Gregory House said...

Ich meinte eher die kurze Bussi-Behandlung deiner Stirn. (Und deines Schulterblattes.)
Die hast du ja durchaus mitbekommen. :-)

Die Massage war zu kurz??? Ich fand sie ziemlich lang!

Dr. James Wilson said...

Du bist echt ein Arsch, Greg.

Ja das habe ich durchaus mitbekommen ...

Dr. Gregory House said...

Beeindruckt mein Arsch dich so sehr oder wieso nennst du mich ständig einen?

Dr. James Wilson said...

Weil ... ach vergiss es.

Übrigens könnte ich dich ja wohl das Gleich fragen, Honey. Heute hast du mich mindestens schon 5 Mal so genannt.


Dr. Gregory House said...

Ich antworte wenigstens ehrlich:
Ja, mir gefällt dein Knackarsch!


Dr. James Wilson said...

Tut er das?

Naja du machst auch keine schlechte Figur ...

So jetzt mal zusammenpacken und den Single Malt nicht vergessen.

Dr. Gregory House said...

Tut er...
Ich beweise es gerne, indem ich morgen vor allen Festgästen kräftig dranfasse...
Das wird ein Spaß!

Ab jetzt! Whisky, here we come!

Dr. Allison Cameron said...

Warum muss ich die besten Dinge immer verpassen?
Ob sie sich das auch vor Cuddy im Krankenhaus trauen würden? *grins*

Dr. Gregory House said...

Klar, kein Problem.

Dr. Allison Cameron said...

Okay, ich bin gespannt!